What Fitness Gurus East London offer

Swimming Lessons and Coaching

At Jason's swim School in East London, we cater to everyone's needs. We offer stroke classes, including squad coaching, for children learning how to swim, to children who are interested in going further in the swimming world as well as adult classes for people that didn't have the chance to learn how to swim correctly in their childhood and would like the opportunity to do so now. We also offer swimming lessons for extra mural activities at nursery schools, as well as lessons in small groups from 6 months of age onwards.


Pilates classes are given by our qualified BASI comprehensive instructor. We offer private, semi-private or group sessions to cater for everybodys individual needs. We focus on core strengh and flexabilty by using the principles of pilates. This is an excellent form of training for those who need help with back problems, rehabilitation for injuries, pregnant women, elderly and unfit or sports personel aiming to improve their training.


We offer a variety of massages. Sports massages, Indian head massages, pressure point massages, Swedish massages, aromatherapy messages and footloose massages, all help relax and relieve tired and stressed out muscles, allowing you to perform at optimal levels.

Personal Training  

We all want a perfect body or at least to better ourselves , but often lack the motivation and direction. Don't worry, that is our job. At Fitness Gurus, we pride ourselves in top-notch training, giving you the results you deserve.  Our specialites are weight loss, body building/weight gain, toning, strength improvement and general well being. 

Diets and Workout Plans

You can exercise all you want but if you're consuming more calroies than you're burning, you will never lose weight.  We focus on giving quilty advise to clients online and or in personal training. We offer diet plans and workout programs for you to do on your own without the huge costs of a personal trainer. With the correct personal diet, workout plan and supplement guide designed for you, your results will dramatically improve. 






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